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  • The Why and How Behind Building a Fleet Safety Program


    In the United States, motor vehicle accidents are the #1 way to die on the job in all business sectors. Driving Safety Advisor Mark Trostell focuses on impacting driving safety and lowering crash rates at Encana Corporation, an oil and gas company that operates in the United States and Canada. In 2009, Mark retired from the Colorado State Patrol with over forty years of insight and experience on the roads. Encana operates with a fleet of over 1,250 vehicles and almost as many drivers. They brought Mark on board to help them develop a safety-focused fleet management program.

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  • Two-Minute Stretches Improve Ergonomics and Morale


    An employer’s main priority is to provide a safe and healthy workplace where workers can perform their job effectively. Employees often find themselves experiencing discomfort and drowsiness at work without realizing there are simple solutions to help conform to the body’s minor demands while on the job. When looking at ways to prevent strain or injury, one of the first areas an employer should consider is ergonomics. Workplace ergonomics is simply adapting the work environment to the physical needs of employees. Practices as simple as promoting safe lifting procedures and proper posture are ergonomic techniques that can be applied in practically every area of a workplace.

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  • Transportation Safety: Keeping Drivers Safe on and off the Road


    Every year, nearly 3.5 million truck drivers travel cross-country to deliver goods nationwide, with nearly 71 percent of all freight in the U.S. being moved by truck. Maintaining a culture of safety can be difficult when employees are on the road for days or weeks at a time. This means that frequently safety preparation doesn’t come until after an incident has already occurred. Whether it’s getting drivers to and from work safely or supervising an entire fleet, communicating the importance of safe practices to employees is essential to prevent accidents in the workplace, rather than just learning from them.

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  • Protect Your Business by Properly Classifying Employees


    One of the most frequent issues in workers compensation coverage is misidentifying employees. Properly classifying employees helps ensure they’re getting the benefits they deserve and can help your business avoid costly penalties. Even if a worker is an independent contractor, they could still be found to be a statutory employee and entitled to work comp coverage if certain conditions are met. Learn more about classifying employees and how to protect your business.

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  • Watch List: Top Causes of Injury in 2018


    According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 4.5 billion on-the-job injuries occur every year. That means that every 7 seconds, a worker’s life is impacted by an injury, either temporarily or permanently. Some of the most common causes of injury are overexertion, coming into contact with objects and equipment, and slips, trips and falls.

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  • Five Ways AR Apps Will Enhance Industrial Work in Next Five Years

    Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:16 +0000

    The development of apps leveraging AR, VR, and the sum of the two, mixed reality, have the potential to create powerful new industrial solutions. Here are five ways that any company can use to enhance efficiency gains.

  • The 4Cs of Building Trust

    Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:00 +0000

    Do not ask for people’s trust; instead, take deliberate actions to build it.

  • Even if an Injury Report Is Wrong, Expect an OSHA Inspection

    Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:50 +0000

    The best method to keep OSHA away is to make sure reports are accurate to begin with.

  • Webinar: Machine Guarding Technology

    Fri, 22 Mar 2019 18:11 +0000

    An April 23 Machine Design, EHS Today and New Equipment Digest-hosted webinar, sponsored by Schmersal

  • One in Seven Employees Don’t Feel Safe at Work

    Fri, 22 Mar 2019 06:50 +0000

    News about workplace violence leaves workers and HR professionals unsure about how to respond.

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  • Missouri One Call Excavator Safety Meetings

    Learn about underground utility damage prevention and safe digging practices and how to use the technology that Missouri One Call System offers to enhance your one-call department.

    Continuing education credits will be offered to DNR licensed operators and DHSS septic installers. Certificates of completion will be provided upon request for any other professional designations that you may hold.

    Find a class in your area and check registration often for additional meeting dates and locations.

    Classes brought to you by the Missouri One Call System.

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  • Trenching and Excavation Safety—Video Presentation

    OSHA Region 6 and OSHA Education Centers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas are offering a free video presentation on trenching and excavation safety. The one-hour video will be available for viewing starting on Feb.18. It will provide guidance on how to prevent fatalities and injuries from common hazards in trenching and excavation. If interested, please register here.

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  • 2019 Missouri Employment Conference

    The conference vision is that attendees leave the conference with the tools, connections and knowledge needed to implement new policies, procedures and strategies in their office.

    The mission of the Missouri Employment Conference is to deliver an affordable conference that provides the opportunity to develop professionally, as well as receive continuing education credits through accreditation organizations such as: 

    -Human Resource Certification Institute 

    -SHRM Professional Development  

    -Continuing Legal Education 

    -Continuing Professional Education

    -American Payroll Recertification  

    Cost: $269 per attendee  
    Early bird rate: $239 (thru March 15, 2019)  

    Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
    415 W. McCarty Street
    Jefferson City, MO 65101

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  • Midwest Construction Safety Conference

    The Builders' Association invites you to attend the 2019 Midwest Construction Safety Conference (MCSC). The conference will be held at the Adams Pointe Conference Center on March 7-8. David Sarkus, MS, CSP “The Safety Coach®” is the 2019 MCSC Opening Keynote Speaker. Refer to the online registration brochure for the agenda, session details and cost.

    Adams Pointe Conference Center
    1400 NE Coronado Drive
    Blue Springs, MO 64014

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