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Masonry workers are at particular risk of injury from falling objects, falls from scaffolds or ladders, chemical exposure from concrete, accidents involving rebar, lifting heavy objects and a whole host of workplace-related injuries. 

Given the potential risks to employees and a company’s bottom line, taking steps to ensure that all employees have a safe work environment is essential. This task becomes even more difficult when work sites and work crews change with each project. These risks can be overcome with a comprehensive safety program that includes education and training to build smart, accident-free work sites.

Accidents can be fatal
Worksite accidents can do more than just injure workers—they can be fatal. According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls represented more than 60% of fatal accidents among masonry contractors. The rest of the fatal accidents were a result of contact with objects and equipment. Regardless of the reasons, accidents that are fatal or result in serious injury take a significant toll on companies and the families of injured workers, both financially and emotionally. Which makes prevention even more important.

Do you have questions about how Missouri Employers Mutual or the WorkSAFE Center can help your workplace? Contact us today to learn more about our resources and custom safety training.

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