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Putting a fleet management safety program into place requires dedication and communication between management and employees.

Management commitment and responsibility
Ultimately, it is management’s responsibility to ensure the safety of employees. Fulfilling that responsibility involves a company-wide commitment and consistent education followed by constant vigilance and adherence to a fleet management safety program.

  • Create a written safety procedure policy signed by each employee annually
  • Lead by example
  • Hire qualified employees willing to respect safety measures
  • Provide tools and materials for training and adherence
  • Conduct regular and unannounced inspections
  • Enforce the policy
  • Include incentives for compliance
  • Conduct repairs as quickly as possible

Employee commitment and responsibility
A fleet management safety program is only as effective as the levels of participation. The best policies and procedures are useless if employees are not actively engaged in following and maintaining them. Require employees to:

  • Sign the safety policy.
  • Participate in safety training/education.
  • Communicate concerns and observations of unsafe actions to their supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Perform/submit vehicles or equipment for regularly required maintenance.
  • Report accidents, violations or other vehicle use issues.

Meet regularly
The safety of your fleet and those involved in its operation requires regular discussion and feedback between you and your employees. Regular safety meetings should:

  • Keep safety issues top of mind.
  • Inform employees of new rules, procedures or regulations.
  • Provide an opportunity for safety-related awards and acknowledgement.
  • Address questions, concerns and issues.

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