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Emergency Preparedness

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Each second could be the difference between life or death. While you can never know exactly when or where an emergency will occur, you can take steps to prepare and minimize its impact on your workforce and your business.

With proper training and an Emergency Action Plan, your employees will be equipped to think clearly and logically should a life-threatening event occur. What’s more, they’ll be prepared to take the immediate action required to prevent injury and even save lives.

How important is an Emergency Action Plan?
When you’re weighing the importance of dedicating time and resources to emergency preparedness, consider these alarming statistics:

  • 15-40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or manmade disaster (1).
  • 51 percent of Americans have experienced at least one emergency situation where they lost utilities for at least three days, had to evacuate and could not return home, could not communicate with family members or had to provide first aid to others (2).
  • Only 2 in 10 Americans feel prepared for a catastrophic event (3).
  • Close to 60 percent of Americans are wholly unprepared for a disaster of any kind (3).
  • 54 percent of Americans don't prepare because they believe a disaster will not affect them (4).


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2 American Red Cross/Harris Poll Survey, 2009.
3 American Red Cross Preparedness Survey, 2006.
4 The Aftershock of Katrina and Rita: Public Not Moved to Prepare, 2005.                         

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