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Defensive Driving

Vehicle selection, maintenance and inspection are critical to ensuring the safety of your workforce on the road. Company vehicles should be carefully chosen, properly maintained and routinely inspected to accommodate varying seasonal demands.

Vehicle selection
Review and evaluate the safety features of all vehicles before allowing it to be used for company purposes. Consider these criteria:

  • Safety features/recall information
  • Crashworthiness and overall safety ratings
  • How the vehicle will be used:

•  Pulling trailers/lowboys

•  Loaded with heavy tools, machines or toolboxes

•  Transporting more than two persons

Maintenance and inspection
If you’re operating a company-owned fleet of vehicles, establish a regular maintenance program that includes a plan for both scheduled and unscheduled repairs. In addition, make a point to perform vehicle inspections at random and scheduled intervals, as needed. Follow these key safety initiatives to help keep you on track:

  • Create a routine preventive maintenance schedule for servicing and safety-related equipment checks on vehicles
  • Perform regular maintenance at specific mileage intervals consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Ensure a properly trained mechanic performs a thorough inspection of each vehicle at least annually with documented results placed in the vehicle’s file

•  NOTE: Personnel performing maintenance activities on commercial motor vehicles must be trained per Federal Highway Administration standards.

  • Provide employees with a form for documenting maintenance or repair requests

•  Maintenance/repair request form

  • Perform safety checks on tools or equipment being transported to prevent unsafe movement of materials

Source: Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes, OSHA, NHTSA, NETS

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